Hey, how's it going? I'm June.

I collaborate with small businesses, solopreneurs and community organizations to elevate their brand and deliver their message with creative graphic design, website design and photography.

I can take the "overwhelm" out of your project, allowing you to get back to business while I create and deliver the branding, collateral, web presence and strategic communications that get the results you want.

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a little background

C as in Charles, Z as in Zebra... that's how I've been spelling my last name ever since I could spell it myself. So I went with it when choosing the name Czebra Studios!

 I'm June Czerwinski, Chief Wrangler, Designer and Photographer. I bring to your project more than 20 years of experience communicating visually and a passion for beautiful design. 

los angeles graphic design map

Before creating Czebra Studios, I was creating movies in Beverly Hills. Before that, I designed catalogs and exhibitions of amazing Hollywood memorabilia. Before that, I was a globe-trotting costume designer for Club Med, a cocktail-making photographer in Philly and a wide-eyed art student in Rome. And long before that I was walking a mile in the snow to school and learning to play the guitar after school. Turns out, my talent is not of the musical sort and my preferred climate is definitely not a snowy one!

While still a student at Tyler School of Art, I was photographing my musician friends and designing flyers for their shows. And I've been creating fun and effective marketing pieces ever since! I've worn many creative hats while hop-scotching the globe and with each new project came a new exploration into how to visually convey the message at hand, often to an international audience.

I left my heart - and happy clients - in Philadelphia, Rome, St. Croix, Ixtapa, Eleuthera, New Orleans, Foca and Perugia and am wearing my current Czebra hat here in always-inspiring Los Angeles where I'm lucky to be serving creative clients who want to have a positive impact - and have fun doing it.